Delivery Models

We are highly capable of completing projects under every delivery model in alignment with our core construction capabilities. With a neutral perspective, we encourage our clients to choose the model that best suits their requirements. By asking key questions we are able to guide clients who are undecided, and help determine the best construction methodology to deliver their vision. Regardless of the model, we are focused on mitigating risk, maximizing value and ultimately ensuring project success.

Engineering drawings for construction with a pencil, compass and ruler laying on top.

Design Build

One of the most common procurement methods, the Design-Build delivery model, provides single source accountability which helps to reduce design time while providing greater project control. This method also allows for earlier establishment of overall costs while contributing to faster project completion. Value Engineering also serves of great benefit to this approach, allowing for innovative problem solving during the early stages of the project life cycle.

Construction Management

A collaborative approach allowing for simultaneous engagement between the Owner, Architect and Builder, this method provides open book communications with single point accountability. At michael + clark construction, we have developed best practices in completing Construction Management projects that help to inform the custom built solutions we create. Through exceptional planning efforts guided by dynamic leadership, we ensure communications are timely and transparent, allowing for more informed decisions to be made in alignment with the overall project objectives.

two construction workers, discussing a blueprint of a building.

Lump Sum

This approach, also referred to as Fixed Price or Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracting, provisions for a fixed scope of work to be completed for an agreed lump sum payment. Dependant upon the arrangement, the guaranteed maximum price generally includes a base cost along with several allowances and contingencies that may result in the final cost coming at or below the agreed upon maximum price. Reimbursement contracts come in a variety of forms and are often coupled with a not-to-exceed maximum price. Lump Sum can be applied to both Construction Management or Design Build delivery methods.

Special Projects/Commercial Building Requirements

All special projects and commercial building requirements are handled by our sister company, hexcon, which is led by a dedicated service team that is comprised of highly skilled professionals. The hexcon team is committed to delivering efficient, high quality work, in a safe, timely, cost effective manner and is well equipped to handle a variety of smaller projects. If you’d like to learn more about hexcon and the scope of services offered by this amazing team, click here to learn more about hexcon.

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