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We offer a wide range of innovative and efficient construction solutions in order to meet the project needs of our diverse scope of clients. From small-scale to large-scale, our highly-trained team works with the client to exceed project goals, meet industry standards, and deliver the optimal services and result across all offered markets.

Manufacturing floor with machines for making food or beverages in a plant.

Food & Beverage

michael + clark construction provides clients with effective solutions to meet all their food and beverage construction needs, including system automation, warehouse and distribution, ready to eat facilities, processing facilities, cold storage and more. With nearly a decade of experience, we offer extensive expertise in the technologies, processes, material handling practices, and packaging requirements essential to modern food and beverage production. Our highly-trained team of professionals is proud to provide innovative design, engineering, and construction solutions to consistently exceed expectations while meeting regulations and codes, and promoting efficiency and sustainability.

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Row of robots on a manufacturing plant floor

Manufacturing & Industrial

We deliver innovative advanced manufacturing solutions for your project and business needs and excel at working with our clients to understand each project’s unique requirements to deliver the optimal services and resources, such as accounting for specific interior and exterior infrastructural needs, and supporting potential future expansion or renovation of each structure. Whether your project requires leading-edge automation, or advanced employee workspace functionality, our team is able to seamlessly coordinate with technology partners to incorporate the necessary equipment and processes into each facility.

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Children's museum, institutitional facility construction, children playing in a playroom with climbing structures and slides as well as a water area.

Healthcare & Institutional

We approach each institutional construction project with customizable and innovative solutions as unique as each structure. We communicate closely with our clients to understand each project’s specific requirements, such as local regulations, fire and safety protocols, community access and more. Our effective construction management systems and design-build techniques, ensure project success and client satisfaction from hospitals and elementary schools to athletic facilities and university buildings.

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Multiple level apartment building with different use


michael + clark construction offers state-of-the-art development, design, and construction of multi-residential complexes and living structures. We communicate closely with our clients to determine the optimal construction schedule and delivery model for their project needs. With almost a decade of experience, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality, multi-residential construction solutions that optimize space, and provide functionality and durability to its residents.

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Retail store front, new building

Office & Retail

michael + clark construction offers a creative, communicative and disciplined approach to commercial construction projects. From remodeling and refreshing, to maximizing space with additions and extensions, to building new commercial structures from the ground up. Our level of expertise allows us to calibrate our services to your project needs. We work closely with clients to deliver expert solutions for medical centres, retail shopping centres, entertainment spaces, the hospitality sector and more, all while maintaining safety, quality and commercial industry standards.

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