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Cole Munro, St. Thomas, Fish processing facility, large industrial building that has windows along the front with dark grey building tiles around it and the rest of the building is white with parking spots out front.

Cole-Munro project

This particular project involved designing the fish processing facility with future expansion in mind, which would duplicate the size of…

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Dr. Oetker Facility, exterior photo showing the yellow building with white around the edges and strips of white top to bottom staggered along the building in the distance.

Dr. Oetker project

Working in a fully operational high-capacity food production facility comes with several challenges. The project had to be broken into…

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Exterior photo of Frulact Large Industrial Facility with beige walls, logo in the center of hte wall and windows above the main doorway.

Frulact Canada project

Building on three sides of a busy, fully-operational food processing facility, this forty-three thousand six hundred square foot expansion nearly…

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Piller’s Fine Foods project

We partnered with Piller’s Fine Foods to complete an expansion to their fully operational meat processing plant in Brantford, Ontario.…

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Exterior Rendering of a Popeyes Restaurant at Sunset. Dark Grey brick with pops of Red along the top and down the right side of the building. Windows around the front door.

Popeye’s Restaurant project

We were commissioned to build a new shell construction for this Chatham location in alignment with Popeye’s Corporate Brand Standards.…

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Exterior photo of Shogun Maitake, Mushroom growing facility. Grey concrete sides, no windows, other than around the front door, and a garage door to the side of the front door. White flat roof.

Shogun Maitake project

This project was centred around a specialized facility designed for the growth and production of maitake mushrooms, a type of…

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Western Fair project

We are excited to embark on this multi-phase retrofit of the former Progress Building at Western Fair, which will accommodate…

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