Dr. Oetker Facility, exterior photo showing the yellow building with white around the edges and strips of white top to bottom staggered along the building in the distance.

Dr. Oetker

Working in a fully operational high-capacity food production facility comes with several challenges. The project had to be broken into several phases to minimize disruption to the facility’s day to day activities. 

Initial phases included the installation of additional air handling, lighting and sprinkler upgrades, epoxy coatings, and sanitation upgrades to equipment wash down rooms in accordance with strict infection control policies, comparable to those seen in hospitals. 

In preparation for additional capacity, an eighty-five hundred square foot packaging warehouse addition, complete with a maintenance shop and storage mezzanine was constructed. The addition required the re-routing of access to the facilities distribution centre and straddles the main incoming high voltage service of the facility. 

Along with the warehouse addition, the process equipment was upgraded in the existing plant to allow for installation of the new production line. Upgrades to the system included new air handling units in all three areas for production, baking, topping and packaging. The plumbing and ammonia systems were substantially upgraded to accept the addition of a new spiral freezer. Coordination of the materials and installations were critical due to the nature of the environment, and the fact that the client was remaining operational. The client increased the scope of work after contract award to accommodate the installation of owner items and equipment imported from Europe

Location: London, Ontario

Size: 281,000 sq.ft.

Market: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing & Industrial

Delivery Model: Construction Management

The mcc staff worked as a true representative for the best interests of Dr Oetker, and our staff found their approach to be well thought out, transparent and very user friendly. mcc has been very responsive to any and all concerns and have been refreshingly creative to help us work through some challenging aspects to our project.

J. Wodnicki, Engineering Manager

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