Evening Sunset Photo with a large steel round conveyor raising from the ground on a slant to the top of a tall building. The conveyor is supported by 2 steel tall supports at 2 intervels as it inclines.

Dutch Brothers Concrete

We proudly completed this fast tracked project in a whirlwind four and a half months, which is about half the time it would have taken under a conventional construction schedule!

This design build project consists of a four storey production plant including a two story office space, spread over approximately 4,625 sq.ft. and an overall building height of just under 100 feet. It also features state of the art wet and dry batch drive through bays with complete automation performed by one computer, and has the ability to control and monitor the levels of every item dispensed into the trucks and a complete truck fill station utilizing the local well.

To ensure safety throughout the colder months, a heat trace system was installed in the entire ground floor.

Location: London, Ontario

Size: 4,625 sq.ft.

Market: Manufacturing & Industrial

Delivery Model: Construction Management

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