Commercial construction project, the Front of Goodwill store, London, Ontario which has 5 grey columns with lights, white exterior walls and the Goodwill Sign above the front door. There is a drive through area at the side of the building for donations to be dropped off.


This commercial project entailed a three phase renovation and addition to the existing store while remaining operational. 

Phase one was the strip-out and fit-out, including structural reinforcing, new dock addition and re-roofing, of nine and a half thousand square foot CRU. Goodwill was then relocated into the new space and phase two– the renovation and re-roofing of the existing nine thousand square feet, took place. Finally, in phase three, a two thousand square foot addition was constructed and refacing of the existing building and site work were undertaken.

Location: London, Ontario

Size: 20,000 sq. ft.

Market: Office & Retail

Delivery Model: Lump Sum

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