Middlesex London Health Unit, showing open floor plan for Reception area with chairs for patients to wait in.

Middlesex London Health Unit

This project included a multi-phased, condensed construction schedule of an interior tenant fit-up, which was able to accommodate operational dates and the coordination of furniture installation from the former location. 

The scope of work involved a large-scale, multi-story interior renovation of the cafeteria, offices, labs, washrooms, consultation rooms and dental offices. Structural openings were formed to interconnect floor spaces and extension on elevator shafts down, as well as creating new pits in the basement. This phased fit-up allowed a tenant turnover of the second floor, three months prior to project completion. 

Location: London, Ontario

Size: 65,000 sq.ft.

Market: Healthcare & Institutional, Office & Retail

Delivery Model: Lump Sum

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