My Health

As the contractor of choice for My Health, we worked closely on a design-build basis on their first major fit-up and continued to fit-up and renovate four additional clinics across Ontario is London, Arva, Toronto, and Sudbury, each with approx. 1600 sq ft interiors.

These projects are all completed in existing occupied buildings and construction has to meet health care standards for lead wall protection, infection control, and equipment which can include installing lead shielding in walls, doors, and applying glazing that is necessary for the protection of staff and patients. Careful planning is required in a phased approach, to ensure infection control, cleanliness and minimal disruption to the sometimes operational clinic and surrounding businesses.

Location: Ontario: Arva, London, Toronto, Sudbury

Size: 1,600 Sq.Ft. +/-

Market: Healthcare & Institutional

Delivery Model: Design Build, Construction Management, Lump Sum

We have worked on several clinic projects with michael + clark construction and the result has always been the successful completion of our construction projects, on time and on budget. Specifically we found michael + clark construction to be very professional, open and transparent through all the phases of construction. We have utilized their services to aid in the facilitation of design, project planning and execution of radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine clinics. They have made great efforts to understand our requirements in detail and incorporate that into the project plan. michael + clark construction has always ensured top quality workmanship.

The Construction Management process they have utilized on some of our projects has been transparent and easy to follow. It has been beneficial to have their building expertise involved during the design and planning process.

I would not hesitate to recommend michael + clark construction as a quality construction management company.

Samir Kalandar, Director of Projects
MyHealth Centre

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