Nixon Medical, Exterior photo showing red brick walls accented with brown brick and glass

Nixon Medical Centre

Purpose built and complex, this three-storey, twenty-one thousand five hundred square foot building is host to a variety of medical services. The building fit-up included complete coordination and construction of clinical and minor procedure areas, a walk-in clinic, radiology and physiotherapy departments, a blood lab, and a pharmacy.

Complex mechanical systems provide maximum control and comfort to patients and tenants in a multi-zone facility with differing requirements. Additionally, the phasing of the project schedule required that several of the tenant units were occupied prior to the final project completion. As a result, a comprehensive infection control and operations plan was put in place to allow for partial occupancy and the protection of operational clinical areas.

Location: London, Ontario

Size: 21,500 sq.ft.

Market: Healthcare & Institutional, Office & Retail

Delivery Model: Construction Management

The Nixon Medical Centre is a privately owned medical facility intended to provide pediatric medical services to patients in the surrounding residential neighborhoods of White Oaks, Cleardale and beyond. The South London community is fortunate to have another quality medical facility on their doorstep.

As the lead consultant, we strove to create a modern facility with a warm and welcoming presence. The limestone base and CSMU masonry walls maintain a visual link to the local brick houses, while the muted browns of the metal panels give the building a sleek, modern feel. The building’s location at a primary street corner further accentuates its large glass façade, designed to capture the southern sun. The glass expanse is framed by composite panes providing a colorful accent and highlight to the building exterior.

From the original conception, we worked closely with the owner as well as tenants and consultants to design a facility that made an architectural statement without overpowering the adjacent properties, and serving as a functional and inviting building for the end users. The resulting interior spaces and finishes flow seamlessly together, allowing for maximum productivity and enjoyment of the environment. Through careful planning and teamwork, we were able to deliver a beautiful final building that the client is very happy with, and which exceeds their standards of exceptional building design.

We worked closely with the Construction Managers for the project, Michael + Clark Construction oversaw the construction of the development. They were well organized, professional and highly skilled. Their attention to detail and consistently clear communication made the project run smoothly, and they ultimately delivered excellent work. Michael + Clark Construction were invaluable in bringing our design to life, and we are very pleased to have worked alongside them.

The Nixon Medical Centre is a project that we are proud to have as part of the EPA Portfolio. It successfully delivers both functional and beautiful spaces for the tenants and visitors alike, and it will be a valuable addition to the local community for years to come.

Endri Poletti,
Owner and CEO,
Endri Poletti Architect Inc.

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