Sunset picture of the front of Roundhouse, a historic building with contempary modern elements, built in a semi circle with panes of glass for the walls and brown structure for side walls.


The finished result of this project is a compelling downtown location with historic and contemporary modern designs. The structure’s original 1800s segmented locomotive storage and maintenance building were extended in a counter-clockwise direction, while the use of composite panels, hi-tech glazing and lighting systems replaced the original traditional wood and masonry construction techniques. 

The second chapter of this multi-phased project involved the addition onto an existing property, which involved lowering the floors of the existing building and raising the structural roofs to marry the existing building to the addition and balance the project. Interstitial mezzanines were constructed to maximize the available leasable area, and create more room in this much sought after part of London. 

Location: London, Ontario

Size: 18,000 sq.ft.

Market: Office & Retail

Delivery Model: Construction Management

This is a letter of reference for the outstanding work we have observed from Michael + Clark Construction as a General Contractor working with Strik Baldinelli Moniz.

I have had the pleasure of working with MCC for approximately 5 years and have had incredibly successful projects completed during that time. These projects include the renovation and restoration of The London Roundhouse, a historic railroad repair shop built in 1887, now home to local businesses.
Currently MCC is working with SBM on a large expansion of CANUSA Automotive located in London, Ontario. This addition will help boost this local employer’s capacity significantly and create valuable employment for our local community. I strongly believe the success of past; current and future projects would not be possible without MCC as part of the project team.

It is based on this experience, I highly recommend Michael + Clark Construction, and urge you to consider them for your General Contracting needs.
Tomislav Tomljenovic, C. Tech
Associate II, Structural Design Manager,
Strik Baldinelli Moniz

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