Overhead Aerial View of the WeedMD Facility, large Greenhouse operation


This project has required extensive and flexible planning in order to undertake construction in multiple phases and locations on the complex in order to ensure the client’s business remains uninterrupted. The cannabis industry is in a pioneering phase in Canada and our overall construction plan is constantly pivoting and evolving while working to maintain coordination with very complex building systems.

The scope of this project includes the construction of a complex of new buildings to house corporate offices, processing operations, and packaging departments, as well as drying rooms, staff areas and secure warehousing. 

Complex mechanical systems to control temperature and humidity are key to this project, along with an incredibly heavy electrical load and complex electrical and control systems. Security systems are integrated within the building controls and are extensive and the site redevelopment includes the construction of underground storage facilities for fire protection.  

Location: Strathroy, Ontario

Size: 480,000 sq. ft.

Market: Manufacturing & Industrial

Delivery Model: Construction Management

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