Carfax, interior photo of their office, showing desk space to the left and windows on the right. Open concept with white walls and grey concrete flooring.


 The depth and breadth of our expertise across a wide range of disciplines, allows us the opportunity to provide our clients with services that span the entire project life cycle from pre-construction through to post construction.

Photo of an Engineering Drawing of the land a structure will be built on

Pre-Construction, Permits & Approvals, Feasibility Studies

Let us save you time and money by confirming exactly what your project goals and requirements are. We’ll review the contract, drawings and specifications in order to identify potential issues, risks and value engineering ideas ahead of time, reducing the potential for project delays, errors, change orders and unexpected costs. As a project management tool, constructability reviews and feasibility studies provide multiple benefits that are both physical and conceptual. By determining the collective knowledge and expertise between the project consultants, contractors, architects, designers and the client, we can maximize efficiencies, minimize waste and complete construction project on or ahead of schedule, with the potential for realized cost savings as well.

two construction workers leaning forward on a table looking at a blueprint with a large window in the background.

Construction & Risk Management

When you’re dealing with our team, you can rest assured that your construction project is entrusted to experts that know how to mitigate risk and provide innovative and creative solutions. From project coordination and effective communication processes, to the supervision of construction, we will employ proven strategies and processes to easily facilitate the construction of your Structure for Success.

Exterior Photo of a Large White Warehouse with a large transport truck backed up to a loading dock.

Post Construction

Upon project completion, we are available to help you with any requirements you need. In fact, we have an entire company to handle all your small project needs or ongoing maintenance services. Click here to learn more about our sister company, hexcon and the full list of services we offer through this dedicated service team.

Cole Munro, St. Thomas, Fish processing facility, large industrial building that has windows along the front with dark grey building tiles around it and the rest of the building is white with parking spots out front.


As a select regional dealer for world leading Pre-Engineered building systems, we are able to offer best value solutions direct to the end user or to general contractors. Pre-Engineered buildings have many advantages including large open clear spans as well as savings to the project schedule. As an authorized Pre-Engineered Builder we are able to offer proprietary solutions to solve our clients needs from new builds, additions or re-roof projects. The versatility of Pre-Engineering buildings can be a value add solution for a wide range of clients.

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